5th Annual Golf and Silent Auction Spectacular

First Last Company Team Name Sbup
Guy Amicone Advantage Roofing Advantage
Paul Forberger Noble Properties Advantage
Taylor Gerhardt Noble Properties Advantage
Traci Rossi Marsh Advantage
Ronnie Snyder Legacy Bank Bachman / Legacy
Mike D'Angelo   Bachman / Legacy
Robi Jalnos   Bachman / Legacy
Frank Goza   Bachman / Legacy
Evan Bernstein Braman Auto Braman
Jim Bristow Braman Auto Braman
Scott Rapplean Braman Auto Braman
Steve Grossman Braman Auto Braman
Bill Goldman Brightway Insurance Brightway
Frank Chiusano   Brightway
Will Clarkson   Brightway
Bill Hassett   Brightway
Derek Hurwitch Alpert Jewish Family Service Derek Hurwitch
John Schwencke   Derek Hurwitch
Brandon Rippo   Derek Hurwitch
Geoffrey Temple First American Title Insurance First American / Toojays
John Fox-Snyder First American Title Insurance First American / Toojays
Brett Carper TooJays First American / Toojays
Kevin Gagnon TooJays First American / Toojays
Mark Patten NextEra Energy FPL
David Lubetkin   FPL
Chip Walsh   FPL
Shawn Oden   FPL
Don Eachus   Greenspoon
David Zelniker   Greenspoon
Carl Schuster Greenspoon Greenspoon
Doug Collier   Greenspoon
Tracy Van Hart Iberia Bank Iberia
Mike Fimiani Fimiani Development Iberia
Nick Dimauro The Sterling Organization Iberia
Rick Cherry Cherry Edgar Law Iberia
Jeremiah Baron Jeremiah Baron & Company Jeremiah Baron
Arthur Mogavero   Jeremiah Baron
Chris Belland Jeremiah Baron & Company Jeremiah Baron
Matt Crady Jeremiah Baron & Company Jeremiah Baron
Mitch Rippe Kite Realty Kite Realty
Robert McGuinness Kite Realty Kite Realty
Michael Toback   Kite Realty
Elon Luzon Mittleman Eye Kite Team - Coldwell Bank / Mittleman Eye
Louis Michaelos   Kite Team - Coldwell Bank / Mittleman Eye
Keith Kite Kite Team at Coldwell Banker Commercial Paradise Kite Team - Coldwell Bank / Mittleman Eye
Kollin Kite   Kite Team - Coldwell Bank / Mittleman Eye
Christopher Winter Duane Morris LLP Lessard Group / Stifel
Colin Lessard Stifel Bank Lessard Group / Stifel
Jeff Rombach Stifel Bank Lessard Group / Stifel
Lisa Kiss Noble Properties Lessard Group / Stifel
Steve Potting M&T Bank M&T Bank
Josh Simon   M&T Bank
Rich Gieseler   M&T Bank
Danny Simon   M&T Bank
Mark Roosth   Mark Roosth
Mike Eye   Mark Roosth
Shawn Popp   Mark Roosth
Rick Harris   Mark Roosth
David Hollander MBAF MBAF /
Ira Ginsburg   MBAF /
Eric Strauss Marin Eljaiek Lopez & Martinez MELM-BGI
Carlos Marin   MELM-BGI
Kenneth Baboun   MELM-BGI
Robert Barthelmess   MELM-BGI
Robert Taylor   Nason Yeager
Robert Gibson Nason Yeager Nason Yeager
Noah Tennyson Nason Yeager Nason Yeager
John Bizanes Nason Yeager Nason Yeager
Robert Sheres Cheney Brothers Noble
Chris Hynes BankUnited Noble
Neil Efron Noble Properties Noble
Ronna Prior   Noble
Rick Smith The Justice Center Noble 2
Rob Trager   Noble 2
Kevin Miller KMX Affordable Housing Noble 2
Ary Sehayik Noble Properties Noble 2
Alex Gulick Procacci Pensford One
Kristina Remington Saglo Pensford One
Tra Kelly Pensford Pensford One
Jonathan Porter RAM Pensford One
Areya Keshvari   Pensford Two
Carson Dowd Saglo Pensford Two
Brett Moss JLL Pensford Two
Vincent Godin Procacci Development Pensford Two
Brian Bernstein Nason Yeager PNL / Nason
Michael Nullman Nason Yeager PNL / Nason
Rick King PNL Commercial Corp. PNL / Nason
Maurice Carter   PNL / Nason
Sharon Pusin   Pusin Group
Darlene Smith   Pusin Group
Peggy Kennelly   Pusin Group
Darby Ruby   Pusin Group
Carole Fanning   Pusin Group Two
Melissa Vercillo   Pusin Group Two
Janet Stern   Pusin Group Two
Colleen Holahan   Pusin Group Two
Mike Loudis   SFBW
Matt Rocco   SFBW
Clayton Idle South Florida Business & Wealth SFBW
Peter Crane Sansone SFBW
unknown PROD-6FF4